Well let’s face it some of us just have very stubborn skin. Like in my case, I am the Owner & CEO of PRETTY PAYS. I have two kids and after my second (ten years later) my sleeping pattern went from 8 hours to 1 hour, so serious. This taking my manageable dry skin to Unmanageable HORRIBLE SKIN!! (Your skin replenishes while you sleep) I am talking about stubborn blemishes, skin dehydration, dark and light pigmentation! And DARK CIRCLES!! I was alll over the place & being that I couldn’t get any rest at all, (still in the process) My Blessings! I had to come up with a solution. Usually happens that way right? I was completely pushed into a corner with my dry skin just looking in a mirror saying “oh that’s getting worse” every single day. Way to tired to get started on fixing my skin & when I finally did, let’s just say those “skin products” found in your local retail store did NOTHING for me. I decided to shop in my own home! I went to the real medicine cabinet and pulled out everything I had that was organic! This bringing along my golden beauty “Tale Tone Turmeric” and leading me to one of the most organic food stores ever, searching up some “Matcha”! The powders that I use are antioxidants with AMAZING benefits and healing purposes. My products are also 100% tested ... On me!! who better than to tell you about my products than the OWNER!! Within just ONE day I had started to see an amazing change, (usually when you brush your hair back out of your face & moisturize or exfoliate you can see your beauty!) but I had to tell the world so here I am sharing my products with you, made with Faith and LOVE! & THREE healthy organics. Because why do we need all of the extra stuff?? I put together my herbal medicines for your skin that will make you glow and feel AMAZING! Heals in every way! Pretty Pays ladies!! And with my Organic skin care, once you stay ready, you won’t EVER have to get ready.